Two Pro Line Gumball Vending Machines On Double Cast Iron Stand


Two Pro Line vendors on a black cast iron stand, great vending combo for any business or game room.



The double Pro Line gumball machine and stand combo puts two Pro Line vendors on a black cast iron stand. Great vending combo for any business or game room. Height: 45″ Width: 16″ Base: 20″. The Proline gumball machine is popular because of it’s reliability and dependability is second to none. With 20% more capacity than the Classic Gumball Machine, the Pro Line vendor is perfect for any location.  Pro Line vendors can dispense most bulk candy, 1″ gumballs, 1″ capsules & 27mm bouncy balls. Choose deep dish candy wheel for larger candies like M&M peanuts or Mike and Ikes. Features include: Candy capacity: 14lbs, Gumball capacity: 400 one-inch gumballs, Coin capacity: $150 in quarters. Metal lid, metal base, all metal coin mechanism. Standard Coin Mechanism accepts 1 US quarter or 1 Canadian quarter. Coin Mechanism for 25 and 50 cents, or free spin options. Shatter-resistant poly-carbonate globe. 1 year warranty.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Vending Wheel

2 Large Gumball, 2 Small Candy or Gum, 2 Deep Dish For Larger Candy, 2 Toy Capsule, 1 Large Gumball & 1 Small Candy, 1 Large Gumball & 1 Deep Dish Candy, 1 Small Candy & 1 Deep Dish Candy, 1 Toy Capsule & 1 Large Gumball, 1 Toy Capsule & 1 Small Candy

Coin Mechanism

25 Cent Vend, 50 Cent Vend, Free Spin

Base Color

Red, Black


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