Nick Varner’s Total Shot Billiards Trainer Book


NICK VARNER’S TOTAL SHOT TRAINER is a training aid that will help you learn speed control while helping you to improve your pocketing and position play.


NICK VARNER’S TOTAL SHOT TRAINER – THIS IS A TRAINING AID! Here’s what Nick says about this new training device: “I love the visual references for seeing the aim line and the position route. Learning speed control is a snap. The Total Shot Trainer will definitely help you to improve your pocketing and position play.” This is simple, practical, effective and easy to use. The heart of the package is a circular diagram (11.5″ wide) that is placed on the table and pointed towards the pocket you want to shoot the object ball. This “vinyl” circle sticks to the table and shows the position of the object ball, the ghost cue ball, the aim line, the tangent line, and position routes of the cue ball with one tip of follow for cuts of 10, 20, 30 and 60 degrees. The Total Shot Trainer stays in place while shooting and is reusable over and over again. It works on all size pool tables and is safe to use on all types of cloth. Also included in the package is a ten-inch practice landing pad, a five-inch landing pad, 12 ball markers to set up repeat shots, instructions for playing the Hit the Zone Game, the Ten Steps to Consistency on two different size cards, and a detailed User’s Guide. This trainer is great for teachers and immediately and easily demonstrates the difference between the aim line and the contact point.

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