Killerspin MyT10 BiancoPure White Table Tennis Table


The MyT10 Bianco Folding Ping Pong Table is a fusion of style, quality and attention-to-detail.



Unparalleled Indoor Competition Quality Ping Pong Table with Storage Pockets The MyT10 Bianco Folding Ping Pong Table is a fusion of style, quality and attention-to-detail. The white-on-white color scheme adds jaw-dropping style to any room while creating opportunities for healthy human interaction. Killerspin proudly exists to connect families, friends, customers and employees through table tennis. Performance and Sophistication This revolutionary table is designed to look great and perform even better. The playing surface features a repeat roller coating in matte white with gloss white lines to offset the look. Setup and storage is easy, and innovative storage pockets hidden in the table frame at each end allows for easy access to balls and paddles. Tournament Ready Our MyT10 Bianco table is designed and built to tournament grade standards. The table top is constructed of high quality 1” MDF for unparalleled ball bounce and intense, competitive play. This is simply the best folding ping pong table on the market. Solo Playback Mode Can’t find a playing partner? No problem. Fold up one side of the table for a satisfying solo playing experience. Practice shots and new techniques by yourself before trying them out on others. Innovative Storage Stop chasing balls around the room. Store up to 8 ping pong balls and 1 paddle in each end of the MyT10 Bianco ping pong table. These revolutionary Killerspin storage pockets are built right into the table frame. Pockets for ping pong balls and rackets are located in each end of the table to allow easy access to your table tennis equipment. Storage has never been easier. Indoor Table With Folding Frame Repeat Roller Coating Color Of Top White Premium Killerspin Net-post Rollaway Setup Style Top 25mm MDF Adjustable Feet Weight: 310.0 lb

Killerspin’s entire line of regulation size indoor table tennis tables was created with a single goal in mind; to provide a premium customer experience. This goal is embodied by the high quality materials used and construction techniques employed, is tangible in the superior playability of the table tops, is clear in the functional storage pockets and is backed by our helpful concierge and customer service team. From our tournament-quality MyT10 Pocket table tennis tables to our anything-but-entry-level MyT4 Pocket ping pong tables, you’ll receive the same high level of attention to detail across our entire line of standard size tables. All full size MyT Pocket Indoor tables include two special storage pockets on each side of the table. These pockets hold ping pong balls and paddles within easy reach of both players, helping keep rallies going and precious equipment protected when not in use. The ball pockets each hold eight balls right where you need them, and the paddle pockets protect two paddles each for those rare times when you’re not playing. The premium two-piece folding design of gives you the flexibility store your table in tight spaces, such as behind a door. When folded, each official-size MyT Indoor tables take up only 60in. x 64in. x 24in and can easily be wheeled into place with their oversized locking casters. Plus, you get the added benefit of being able to fold one side up and transform the table into playback mode, allowing you to warm up solo or work on your game without an opponent. You’ll never have to search for an opponent again. They do all this while still maintaining the regulation size of 274 cm. (9 ft.) in length, 152.5 cm. (5 ft.) in width and 76 cm. (2 ft. 6 in.) off the floor. Each professional quality MyT Indoor table tennis table has its own sweet spot. The MyT4 and MyT5 tables are perfect for beginners casually playing in the garage or basement. Stepping up to the MyT7 tables, the ideal users would include offices, schools and recreation centers that put the table through a little more play, wear and tear. Sitting at the top of Killerspin’s MyT Indoor line of folding ping pong tables are the MyT10 BiancoPure, BlackPocket and BluPocket tables. These tables feature a full, professional size top similar to that found on the ultra-premium Revolution series, in a foldable and storable design. This table is at home in table tennis clubs with serious competitors and is the perfect option for serious tournament and professional-level play. Alternatively, it’s also a great choice for families looking for an indestructible table for rambunctious kids and fun competition. KillerSpin Table Ball Holder | Accessories are now part of the table. The new ball pocket will help you be ready for your next killer serve in an instant. The pocket can fit 8 balls and is practical at keeping the next ball easily within your arm’s reach, they also make the space around the table look neater, with no balls rolling around! KillerSpin Table Paddle Holder | Easy as 1, 2, 3! Never worry about where you left your table tennis paddle again. Is the rubber protected? Will it be in someone’s way? The paddle pocket will keep your racket away from the dust and damage. So grab your paddle and challenge one of your family members for a quick, fun game! KillerSpin Net | Nets that stand out! Killerspin’s Net Post Set is an absolute eye-catching piece, and its flawless design and contrasting color will make these tables look anything but mundane. Optional Available Accessories That Can Be Added To Your Table Purchase KillerSpin Jet Paddle Set | Killerspin Jet Set includes four jet paddles and six balls to give you everything you need to start playing ping pong on your new Killerspin table. KillerSpin Jet Premium Paddle Set | Spin Is More Than a Word with this Killerspin Jet Set of four Premium paddles and six balls that will provide everything needed to begin team tournaments. Killer Spin MyT Jacket Table Tennis Table Cover | Protect Your Killerspin Ping Pong Table with this new outdoor and indoor folding table tennis table cover. It is specially designed to protect and extend the life of your table.

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Weight350 lbs
Table Tennis Paddles & Balls

No Table Tennis Paddles & Balls, Add KillerSpin Jet Set 4, Add Killer Spin Jet Set 4 Premium

Table Tennis Table Cover

No Table Tennis Table Cover, Add KillerSpin Table Tennis Table Cover


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