Joe Tucker Aiming By The Numbers DVD and 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer


Joe Tucker’s famous Aiming by the Numbers System workbook and two DVDs provides an advanced aiming workout which may be the toughest pool workout you’ve ever seen.


This 50 page workbook includes TWO DVD’S! The package is based on Joe’s famous Aiming by the Numbers System and includes an advanced aiming workout. On the two DVD’s (2 hours and 40 minutes), Joe personally guides you through the entire Corner Pocket Workout, which may be the toughest pool workout you’ve ever seen. The workbook also includes a comprehensive side pocket workout and several effective drills you can use to master aiming and move your game to a new and higher level of consistency. This system is easy to understand and easy to use. Working out with it will help you “see the shot” in competition, when it’s not coming easy. Also included is the 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer. This stroke trainer comes with an instructional DVD and is easy to use and highly effective. It slides over the tip of your cue and immediately begins to correct two of the most common pool playing flaws, approaching the cue ball slightly off center and last second corrections that are often diagnosed as pure stroke flaws, but are usually caused by the initial alignment flaw.

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