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Gold Standard Games 7′ Tournament Pro Home Air Hockey Table | 7HGS_W01-TRS

Gold Standard Games 7' Tournament Pro Air Hockey Table |

The Gold Standard Games Tournament 7′ Pro Home Air Hockey Table brings the family together to enjoy some competitive play on a real air hockey table!

This beautiful table was designed by two-time World Air Hockey Champion Mark Robbins and was constructed to last for years to come. It features a commercial blower that provides championship-level airflow with professional-style low profile, high-density aluminum rails that allow for maximum bounce and bank-ability. It also features a rail-positioned electronic score display and a special wear-resistant laminate playing surface with a face-off circle at the center line for competitive play.

Not only that, the Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Air Hockey Table is fully-sanctioned for tournament play by the U.S Air-Hockey Association.

Table includes 3.5-inch diameter fiberglass-filled Lexan pucks and professional-style mallets.

Professional quality sturdy goal end designed for maximum player comfort and durability.

Face-Off Circle and Center-line for Tournament Play.

Designed by Air Hockey Champions!

Mark Robbins

  • 2 Time World Air Hockey Champion
  • U.S. Air Hockey Association Pioneer
  • Founder and Owner, Gold Standard Games

Recommended by 11-time USAA World Champion Danny Hynes and 10-time Champion Tim Weissman

Shelti Gold Standard Games 7′ Tournament Pro Home Air Hockey Table

Model 7HGS_W01-TRS

Free shipping and handling within the lower 48 states. Call us at 985-845-7146 to place an order.

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