Deep Adjustable Vending Wheel and Brush Housing Set For Imported Vendors


Deep adjustable vending wheel and brush housing used to vend chicklets or tab gum, M&Ms, Boston Beans, Skittles or small candies.


imported gumball vending machines | moneymachines.comSet of deep adjustable vending wheel and brush housing. This vending set is used to vend chicklets or tab gum, M&Ms, Boston beans, Skittles and other small candies.

Replacement parts for imported gumball vending machines including Seaga Millennia, XYZ Vending, 1 800 Vending, Rhino, LYPC, V Line and Silent Sales Force bulk vendors. These gumball machines are more difficult to obtain parts for but most components are interchangeable with all imported brands. These bulk vendors are inexpensive to purchase initially, but they tend to require more service and replacement of parts that are more expensive, making these machines more costly to maintain. We carry coin mechanisms, lock and keys and replacement merchandise globes, along with a large selection of vending wheels and brush housings for these imported vendors. These vendors tend to use the same vending wheels as Oak vending machines and feature the same classic round globe and top and are styled after machines from the 40’s and 50’s. Use the pictures to compare your old part to the one you are purchasing to be sure you are getting the correct one.

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