Continuous Turn 7/8 Inch Vendor Lock Assembly


Continuous turn vendor lock for many capsule and triple head vendors, comes complete with lock, key and barrel.


Big Oak 110, 160, 220 Capsule Vending Machine | moneymachines.comContinuous turn vendor lock used on many capsule and triple head vendors. 7/8″ length with 1/4-20 threads comes complete with lock, key and barrel.

Big Oak bapsule vending machine parts for sale including the big oak 110, 160, 220 bulk vendor pare carry locks, coin mechanisms, merchandise flaps, vending wheels and more. Big Oak capsule vendors are one of the most reliable and widely used capsule vending machines on the market. These machines can vend 2″ capsules, large gumballs, large jawor these large Oak vendors.

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Weight.2 lbs


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