Coin Orbitor Spiral Coin Funnel


Coin Orbitor spiral coin funnel for sale. Coin Orbitor is a spiral coin funnel that is a great charity fund raiser that requires no power, no product and provides all profit. These coin funnels are some of the most profitable fund raising devices of all time and have been around for years, intriquing adults and children of all ages.

These coin orbitor coin funnels will show that your business or organization cares and wants to give back to worthy causes. Spiral coin funnels help relieve customers of annoying change and provides them a way to help out with charity causes painlessly. These coin funnels do not compete with other types of vending and require no other cost outside of inital investment. Coin funnels have been entertaining people of all ages for years while providing funds for charity.

Each spiral coin funnel has all steel construction that is powder-coated and built like a tank. Even the funnel is made out of steel, unlike other coin funnels that are made out of fiberglass or worst yet plastic. These coin funnel wishing wells have durable graphics that can be customized for your particular needs and are easily replaced if needed. These coin wishing wells feature heavy-duty double locks for the cash box area. An extra large cash box allows for longer collection cycles.

Our coin funnel wishing wells are perfect for malls, family fun centers, grocery stores, museums, science centers, charity events, fund raising events, school fairs and more.

Dimensions are 41″W x 41″D x 51″H.

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Weight250 lbs


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