CJ Wiley Ultimate Pool Secrets DVD


CJ Wiley; ESPN World open 9-Ball Champion, teaches you his systematic approach to playing great pocket billiards in three videos on one big DVD.


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Three Videos on One Big DVD – ESPN World open 9-Ball Champion CJ Wiley teaches you his systematic approach to playing great pocket billiards. He describes each step in his unique pre-shot routine, outlines the fundamentals of the game, provides insights to his tournament winning mental side, and includes actual footage from ESPN matches to show you how to win – whether you’re a beginner, a league player, or an aspiring pro. In this DVD you will learn the keys to: Balancing your body, Building your bridge, Connecting to the “line of the shot,” Strengthening your stroke, Developing a straight delivery, Correct grip pressure, Using the diamonds, Putting power into your break, The draw shot, Shooting off the rail, Concentrating through self-hypnosis and How to handle the mental side of pool. Tips on the masse’, jump shots, combinations, how to make the pocket bigger, an aiming system, and more. Strategies for exact english and systematic banking. A Great value!

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