Bally Williams Pinball 3/8″ Coil Back Stop – A8038, A7414, A8143


Williams/Bally coil stop with 3/8″ center to center mounting holes and 5/16″ hole plug. Ref # A8038, A7414, A8143


Replacement pinball coil stops, sleeves and accessories for all manufacturers of pinball machines. Pinball machine coil stops, coil sleeves and flipper plungers receive a lot of wear and tear on the pinball machine and are the leading cause of flipper sticking on a pinball machine. The flipper plunger is constantly hitting the top of the coil stop causing it and the plunger to flatten and mushroom out of shape. This wear eventually causes the flipper plunger to stick and not move smoothly.

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Weight .1 lbs


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