8 Eagle Cabinet Vending Machines on 8-Way Black Durastand


The Eagle Cabinet Vending Machine is capable of having up to 3 extra capacity panels added to it, which increases its versatility. It features slide out plexi panels, all metal construction and a Fall-Thru coin mechanism that allows smaller coins and foreign objects to fall thru and prevent usage of the machine. It is able to vend all types of gum, candy, nuts, small toy capsules, and super balls. A simple, elegant and reliable vending machine that is easy to service.

This 8 unit Eagle vendors on a durastand combo puts eight Eagle cabinet vendors on a all steel black 8-way rack stand for complete choice in product selection.

Eagle Cabinet Vendor Specifications:  Height: 17″. Width: 7″.  Red Vendor Color. Rack Stand is only available in black. Accepts 1 US quarter or 1 Canadian quarter. Optional .50 cent coin mechanism.


Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Vending Wheel

8 Large Gumball, 8 Small Candy, 8 Toy Capsule, 4 Large Gumball & 4 Small Candy, 4 Large Gumball & 2 Small Candy & 2 toy Capsule, 4 Small Candy & 4 Toy Capsule, 4 Large Gumball & 4 Toy Capsule, 2 Small Candy & 2 Large Gumball & 4 Toy Capsule, 2 Small Candy & 3 Large Gumball & 3 Toy Capsule

Coin Mechanism

25 Cent Vend, 50 Cent Vend


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