Turntables, Radios & Telephones

Crosley reproduction radios, vinyl turntables, telephones and entertainment centers for sale. We have retro reproduction radios that feature the good looks of cathedral table top models. These 30’s and 40’s or 50’s style radios are sure to bring back warm memories from your youth.

Crosley even has a line of nostalgic table top jukeboxes that look like the original 1940’s Wurlitzer Bubbler jukebox.

How about a remake of the portable radio/cassette player from the 1970’s.

Crosley also has a large line of vintage reproduction telephones from the classic desk kettle phones from the 40’s to the 1960’s style princess phones.

Their turntables are available with and without speakers. The portable phonograph record players can be used at home or on the go.

Modern and retro entertainment centers feature the same real wood and vinyl covered cabinet styling from the 50’s and 60’s; and feature AM/FM radio and record player all in one unit.