Artemis Pool Table Cushions and Rails

Artemis Rubber Cushions and Rails are the best quality bumpers for all commercial and home pool tables. Artemis billiard cushions are internationally known and used by the leading pool table manufacturers and demanded by the best pool players in the world. They are available in K66 and K55 profiles and are precision molded with two fabric backings to maintain dimensional consistency for best pool table play and long life.

When replacing pool table rail rubber cushions, it is important to get the right profile cushion for your pool table. Billiard tables were designed to use one of four main types of rail cushion profiles. K66 profile is the most common and is used on most home and commercial 3 piece slate tables. K55 profile rail cushions are used on most coin operated tables and carom tables. U23 rail cushions are used on some home and commercial tables and Centennial or Century rail cushions are used on lower cost Brunswick and other lower cost home recreation pool tables.