Pool Table Rubber Cushions and Rail Assemblies

Quality pool table rubber rail cushions for sale including K66, K55, U23, U56 and other profile bumpers. Replacement billiard cushions in many rail sizes, profile shapes and made using only the finest natural pure gum rubber. Don’t let all your hard work installing pool table rails go to waste by using cheap inferior rubber cushions. Inexpensive cushions are made with rubber that has fillers added and do not provide the lively action and long life that better quality cushions will.
When replacing pool table rail rubber cushions, it is important to get the right profile cushion for your pool table. Billiard tables were designed to use one of four main types of rail cushion profiles. K66 profile is the most common and is used on most home and commercial 3 piece slate tables. K55 profile rail cushions are used on most coin operated tables and carom tables. U23 rail cushions are used on some home and commercial tables and Centennial or Century rail cushions are used on lower cost Brunswick and other lower cost home recreation pool tables.