Simonis Precut Billiard Cloth and Pool Table Felt

Simonis 760 and 860 cloth and Simonis pre-cut pool table felt and recovering kits for sale. We carry complete re-felting kits that contain your choice of Simonis cloth, rubber rail cushions, glues, pool table recovering instructional DVD and all other billiard supplies needed to cover any billiard table. This precisely woven worsted cloth fabric provides your billiard table with the smoothest and most accurate playing surface available. Best selling Simonis cloth is used in more pool tournaments than any other brand and does not have the fuzziness of most felts and there is less resistance on the pool balls for faster more accurate play. It’s worsted construction creates a tight weave that naturally repels liquids and stains, and can last 2 to 3 times longer than ordinary pool table felt.
Simonis 760 cloth is slightly faster than 860, and is best suited where 8 ball is the primary game played. High-Speed play for Bank Pool, Straight Pool and One-Pocket. Simonis 860 cloth was specially designed for 9 ball play. Both are available in 78″ widths for larger tables.