Pool Table Felt and Billiard Cloth

Complete line of Pool Table Felt from the leading Billiard Cloth manufacturers including Simonis, Proline, Mali and Championship. Our pool table felt replacement kits have the cloth and everything needed to recover your pool table. We carry cloth in every color, size and style. Check out our selection guide below if you need help on how to choose pool table felt. We also have backed and three brands of worsted cloth and all are available in discounted bulk rolls for game operators and pool hall owners. We carry only the highest quality felt from the major leading brands.
Our complete re-felting kits include pre-cut billiard cloth, rubber rail cushions, glues, setup and recovering DVD with cloth installation instructions and all the billiard supplies and accessories needed to recover and restore your pool table. These recovering kits make it easy to re-felt your own table and have everything you need to do the job.