Shelti Bayside Home Pool Tables

Shelti Bayside pool tables are commercial quality bar style billiard tables made especially for the home game room. These pool tables are built in the USA by Shelti Game company that also makes coin operated commercial tables for the amusement industry. Each Bayside pool table is constructed with the same design and durability of their commercial coin op tables. These home billiard tables differ only in that they do not have coin operation, cash door or side ball door. They feature one piece slate and come completely assembled with the exception of bolting on the legs. These bar style pool tables are perfect for clubs and organizations with many members who need a heavy duty table that will hold up to commercial use. Church youth centers, boys and girls clubs, schools, civic organizations are but a few of the possible uses.

Many pool players who play the game of pool at their local bar or lounge, want to own a pool table that plays the same in their home game room. This allows them to practice for pool tournaments at home on a table that has the same playing characteristics as the bar table at their local tavern and enables them greater opportunity to win.