Pinball Machine Electronic Connectors and Fuses

Replacement pinball connectors, fuses and electronic parts for sale. These electronic pinball machine connectors replace your commonly burned out connector parts used on most games. We carry a large selection of pinball Molex connectors, headers, wire terminal connectors and fuses. One of the most common problems with electronic pinball machines is having interrupted or intermittent electrical connections because of these burned out connectors and terminals. Most of these burned terminals can be seen visually if carefully inspected. So replace all visibly burned plugs and pins.
When replacing pinball fuses, always make sure that you replace each one with the correct amp value fuse. When you are working on a new or unfamiliar pinball, you must check in the owners manual to know for sure if the fuse in the machine is the correct one. Many pinball owners do not pay attention to this and replace fuses with higher or wrong value fuses. Replacing fuses with a higher value makes the chances of burning up expensive electronic components very likely. Fuses are used to protect expensive components and attention should be given to replacing them correctly.