Pinball Machine Coils, Solenoids, Sleeves and Coil Stops

Replacement pinball machine coils, solenoids, coil sleeves and coil stops for sale. Each coil is unique and must be replaced by the same number coil or solenoid. Pinball machine coils, also known as pinball solenoids are made up of windings of copper wire around a core and controlled by a electrical source that provides the moving action of flippers and other features in a pinball machine. Pinball flipper coils are generally made up with two windings within a single coil. One winding has a harder action used to do the main hitting of the ball. The second winding is a softer action used to maintain the position of the upward flipped flipper. This lighter winding keeps the flipper coil from over heating and burning out if the player continues to hold the flipper button in for a long period of time.

When replacing pinball coils, make sure you replace the wires in the same position as the original coil and that the silver band on the coil diode is facing the same position as your old pinball coil. It is best to remove and replace one wire at a time when replacing pinball coils.