Filled Toy Capsule Bulk Vending Supplies

Complete line of toy capsules for vending machines for sale. We carry capsules filled with the most popular toy products. There is a endless number of different toys available to vend by capsule vending machines. Toys are always changing depending on trending movies, personal styles and preferences. Because toy styles change so often, vending route operators have no problem rotating stock of these items in their machines to create the greatest demand and profits from their vending route. Our empty capsules allow you to fill them with your own products and are perfect for irregular sized and shaped items. Everything from golf balls in golf clubs to adult items in lounges and adult locations can be vended in these empty capsules.

An estimated 65% of our bulk vending revenues come from the sale of toy capsules. Not all bulk vendors are taking full advantage of this opportunity and selling them opens up more potential locations. Kids of all ages have and always will love them. Mothers find it hard to turn down their kids request for these items at grocery stores and other places they shop because of the low cost satisfaction it provides their kids. Don’t miss this major sales opportunity in bulk vending.

Latest hot items in stock. Stock is always changing per trends so we will send you our best selling mix at time of order. Free shipping on orders over $100.00 within the 48 continuous states. Call us at (985)845-7146 for best prices and quantity discounts on large and multiple orders.