Empty Toy Capsules For Vending Machines

Complete line of empty toy capsules for vending machines for sale. We carry empty capsules that can be filled with toys and other products of your choice.

Our empty capsules are used in vending machines and allow you to fill them with your own toys, jewelry and other bulk vending products. These unfilled capsules are perfect for irregular-sized and shaped items. They can be used to vend items like golf balls, and ping pong balls. You can also vend tokens, polished rocks, animal feed, collectible coins, adult items and more. Try vending smaller size super balls that can be capsuled in 2″ capsules.

We have had all-night parties with friends and relatives to fill these capsules with toys while enjoying pizza.

1″ empty capsules come in 2500 count boxes and 2″ empty capsules come in 2000 count boxes. The easy to snap shut lids stay securely attached.

We offer free shipping on orders over $100.00 within the 48 contiguous states.