Mixed Superball Vending Supplies in Bulk

Assorted mixed superball vending supplies in bulk in various sizes for sale. Superball sizes include 27mm/1″, 32mm/1 1/4″, 45mm/1 3/4″ and 49mm/1 15/16″ and are a top-selling bulk vending supply item.

Superballs for vending machines are inexpensive and high-profit vending products that can be used in almost any location and environmental condition. Because super balls are not perishable there is no waste. Vending route operators can leave them in the vending machines year-round without worrying about rotating them out.

The 27mm and 32mm balls can be vended in smaller bulk vending machines. The 45mm and 49mm sizes require a large 2″ capsule style vending machine. The smaller sized balls can be vended in larger 2″ capsule vending machines by placing them in capsules.

Superballs are fun and safe for kids of all ages. They are large enough to keep smaller children from swallowing them when put in their mouth.

Check out our mixed superball vending supplies page. You will surely find just what you need.

There are some vending locations that prefer not to have these balls vended on their site. That’s because of concerns about the super balls being thrown and hitting other people or getting into undesired places. Be sure to address these concerns with your location owners before buying superballs for your vending machines.