Bulk Large Gumballs 138 Count 2 Inch - Vending Supplies

These large gumballs in bulk we have for sale come in 138 count cases and are a large 2 inches in diameter and are a great addition to any gumball vending route. These jumbo gumballs are usually vended for .75 to $1.00 in price and provide a good way to boost vending sales revenue and profits with their higher vend prices. These gumballs are to large to vend in a standard gumball machine and must be vended in larger 2″ capsule vending machines. These colossal size gumballs come in many fruit flavors and some are even filled with candy beads for an extra burst of flavor. These gumballs are popular with kids and are sure to give its chewer a big mouth full of gum. We carry gumballs from Oak Leaf, Concord Confections, Double Bubble and other gum manufacturers. Our bulk gumballs are sold by the case and their pricing is shown below. Free shipping on orders over $100.00 within the 48 continuous states. We offer quantity discounts and wholesale pricing on large orders. Call us at 1(985)845-7146 for best prices and quotes on large and multiple orders.