Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball Tables

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Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball Tables for sale can be used indoors or outdoors in all climate conditions.

You will love the Blue Sky Indoor/Outdoor Foosball/Soccer Table. This stylish, highly durable indoor/outdoor soccer table is a great choice for use on the deck or patio. It is also perfectly suited for use indoors. All materials are protected from exposure to sun and moisture, and it includes a cover.

The Garlando G-2000 Weatherproof Outdoor Foosball Table is for those who require a technically advanced product. Plus, it does not compromise aesthetics. Furthermore, the G-2000 Weatherproof combines features such as marine plywood, special anti-rust steels and waterproof glues.

The Garlando G-500 Blue Weatherproof Outdoor Foosball Table can withstand most weather conditions. As a result, you can take the game outdoors. With this outdoor foosball table, you can  Play foosball anywhere; camping, on the patio or by the pool!

The Garlando Master Pro Outdoor Foosball Table is a professional table with folding legs for easy storage. The legs panels provide great stability during use. Equipped with telescopic safety bars, the table ensures the highest protection for children’s eyes and faces.

Garlando Open Air Outdoor Foosball Table lets you bring the fast action of foosball anywhere. This weatherproof professional foosball table has folding legs so you can easily move it or store it. The construction is weather resistant. As a result, it is suitable for outdoor use all year round.

The Garlando extra large 8-player Outdoor Foosball Table offers increased fun. It has even more interesting actions, thanks to a longer playing field.

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