Air Hockey Pucks For Air Powered Game Tables

Air Hockey Pucks for all air-powered game tables; including Dynamo, Ice Games, Shelti, Carrom and other air hockey tables

Air hockey pucks come in many sizes and weights. You must correctly match the size of each puck to the size and style of your table. So, for best performance and gameplay, use a puck properly matched to what your air hockey table was designed.

If you use too large a puck on a smaller game table it will not properly slide across the playfield. Also, if you use too small a puck on a larger table it could fly off the table. There is a possibility of it hitting someone or something.

Most pucks have a raised edge around the perimeter that captures the air blown up thru the playfield. So, in order to properly trap that air under the puck, this ridge must be completely flat and smooth. When undamaged the puck will ride on this cushion of air. If the puck gets chipped or nicked on this edge, the powered air will escape. It will cause the puck to not slide freely and will result in disappointingly slow gameplay.

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