Air Hockey Paddle Pushers And Felt Pads

Air Hockey Paddle Pushers, goalie mallets, felt pads, parts and accessories for all commercial and home game tables

Air hockey goalie mallets are an important component for air hockey tables. They must be matched in size and weight for your size air hockey table and your playing style.

Air hockey paddle pushers come in sizes as small as 2 3/4 inches in diameter for 4 and 5-foot tabletop games for children. These are lightweight mallets that are easily held by children. They are the correct weight for the size and weight air hockey puck they are designed to strike.

Most medium-sized 6 and 7-foot air hockey tables designed for the home game room use lighter weight 4-inch diameter mallets. Most of these come with felt pad bottoms.

Coin-operated and commercial-quality air hockey tables use a heavyweight 4-inch diameter mallet without felt pad bottoms.

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