Change Machines And Money Handling Equipment

Complete line of new Change Machines by Standard Change Makers for sale including coin, token and bill changers. We carry money changers that can convert paper money into coins, tokens, tickets and even other denominations of bills.

Many businesses can benefit from these machines including car washes, laundry mats, arcades, colleges or anywhere change is needed. They allow you to satisfy your customers and increase your sales while reducing labor costs by not having to have workers take the time to make change.

Our most popular changers convert bills to coins or tokens. We also have machines that can change coins into tokens, bills into smaller bills and change.

We also carry money handling equipment including money counter machines for sale that count and package coins, bills and paper currency. Our money counting equipment and supplies help you keep the task of counting coins, tokens and bills fast and easy. We carry a large selection of quality leading brand counters in every price range that will provide long trouble-free operation with excellent factory support. These money counters are able to track and batch coins and currency obtained in retail sales, vending routes, banks, churches or any other money-generating operation.

We carry affordable and portable coin counters that require no electricity that are hand cranked for route operations. We also have electric models that are designed to be used in house including some that can sort coins as it counts. Our bill counters are available in standard and bank grade models for any counting need.