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Power Putt 2013 Live Mini Golf Games

IT's power putt 2013 live mini golf game Look out, because PowerPutt LIVE is bigger and better than ever! Thousands of locations and avid players across the country are already enjoying the timeless fun, skill and excitement of mini-golf with an attitude. And PowerPutt LIVE 2013 is bursting at the seams with fresh new content and unique challenges that will keep players engaged and coming back for more.

PowerPutt LIVE 2013 introduces 5 all-new 18-hole courses, bringing the total number of selectable courses to an impressive eleven. The variety of course locations and layouts range from the open African Savannah to the glitzy Las Vegas strip. Some courses focus on carefully executed skill shots and others incorporate unique targets and fanciful trick shots. And with hundreds of tee and pin placements on every hole, players are faced with a new challenge every time they play.

PowerPutt LIVE 2013 also takes advantage of ITNet™ connectivity like never before. Thousands of clothing items are awarded as player achievements, such as every 5th game played and every 10th Birdie. Achievement badges are also awarded for reaching various milestones throughout a player’s career, encouraging them to collect them all. And Daily Cash Prize Contests encourage repeat play, as they improve their score in the race up the leaderboard for cash awards. Power Putt Golf is available in 5 different cabinets. Showpiece cabinet (shown above) is $3,775.00 plus shipping and handling. Coin and bill acceptor included. Monitor and monitor mount are optional. 42" monitor is $995.00 and monitor mount is $425.00.

Neon Glow and Fun Cabinets for Power Putt Golf Game

Power Putt is also available in any of the Neon Glow and Fun cabinets below. The FunGlo pedestal cabinets have become the favorite with game operators and home owners alike. This innovative new pedestal design features fluorescent plexiglas for an out of this world look! It literally glows! It even has ground effect lighting! Many choose to use their existing TV monitor to hook up to the game cabinet or you can purchase the optional monitor and monitor mount for a complete free standing unit. Funglo pedestal cabinet is $3,495.00 plus shipping and handling. Available in fun glow blue or fun glow green colors. Bill acceptor, monitor and monitor mount are optional. IGT bill acceptor is $225.00, monitor mount is $425.00. Call us to order or get a free shipping quote at (985)845-7146.
26" LCD monitor upright cabinet model is $3,995.00 plus shipping and handling. ICT bill acceptor is $225.00 extra. Call us to order or get a free shipping quote at (985)845-7146.
32" LCD Fun upright cabinet is $4,195.00 plus shipping and handling. ICT bill acceptor is $225.00 extra. Call us to order or get a free shipping quote at (985)845-7146.

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