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Popcorn Supplies For Home and Commercial Machines

Top quality popcorn supplies for sale for home and commercial popcorn machines. Our popcorn machine supplies are sold in convenient pre-measured popcorn portion packs or bulk. We carry a complete line of supplies including popcorn, oil and popping accessories to pop the most delicious popcorn ever. We carry bulk popcorn in easy to handle 12.5 pound bags packed four to the case for large commercial popping needs such as theaters and other large businesses. Our bulk coconut oil or canola oils make the best popcorn and are sold in gallon containers. Premeasured popcorn portion packs have become the standard for small commercial and home theater popcorn machines. These portion packs contain just the right measurements of popcorn, oil and seasonings to provide consistently great tasting popcorn without measuring and mess. Popcorn bags, cups and boxes to serve popcorn are available in several different sizes and styles to meet most any need. Our toppings and flavored seasonings can make the best tasting popcorn even better and allow eaters the chance to customize the flavor and taste of their popcorn. Seasonings including Barbecue, White Chedder, Parmesan and Garlic, Ranch, Sour Cream and Onion, Nacho Cheese, Apple Cinnamon, and Jalapeno are just a sprinkle away from creating new and exciting tastes. And when you are done popping popcorn, our popcorn machine cleaning kits and kettle cleaners make the job of clean up much faster and easier without damage to the machine. Checkout our popcorn led sign and wall decorations to help promote your popcorn business or just dress up your home theater walls.
Popcorn machine popcorn portion packs that have 24 packs of pre-measured popcorn and popping ingredients for perfect, theater-quality taste every time. Handy popcorn packs require no measuring of popcorn, oil, or seasoning. No mess, No clean-up. Available in 4,6 and 8 ounce premeasured packs.
Case of 24 Portion Packs
Price $27.95

Case of four 12.5 pound bags of bulk popcorn.
4 Pack of 12.5 Pound Bulk Popcorn
Price $79.95

Coconut Oil Gallon – Get great theater-quality taste with coconut oil. One-gallon.
Coconut Oil
Price $29.95

Canola Oil Gallon. For a healthier choice use canola oil.
Canola Oil Gallon
Price $27.95

Pro-Style Warmer provides the newest way to have various toppings ready for your fun foods! It is simple, easy, and in five minutes you will be ready for the ultimate warm topping experience, whether it be butter for popcorn, cheese for nachos or chocolate or caramel for ice cream. Pro style warmer is perfect for restaurants, concession areas, convenience stores, and at home. 32 oz. (4 cup) stainless steel condiment container. Talk about convenience! Simply add 2 cups of water and you’re ready to go. Includes unheated spout domed pump; easily dismantled for cleaning. Attractive stainless steel body and heat well. Adjustable thermostat, and 6’ cord and plug.
Paragon Pro Style Topping Warmer
Price $179.95

Case of Six (6) 16 ounce jugs of O'Dells Super Kist Two butter flavored topping. Contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and will not make your popcorn soggy like stick butter. It is a pure butter that does not require refrigeration, even after opening.
Case of 6 Butter Flavored Topping
Price $69.95

Seasoning salt. A dash of flavor. Butter flavor.
Seasoning Salt
Price $17.95

Add some spice! Our variety pack contains 1 each of 7 flavors: Barbecue, White Chedder, Parmesan & Garlic, Ranch, Sour Cream & Onion, Nacho Cheese and Jalapeno.
Variety Pack of Popcorn Flavored Seasonings
Price $59.95

Novelty paper popcorn bags with a fun, two-color clown design. Available in 1, 1 1/2 and 2 ounce sizes. These come in 1000 count boxes.
1000 Ct Paper Popcorn Bags
Price $34.95

Easy-to-fill scoop boxes stand up on their own. Available in .75 and 1.75 ounce sizes. These come in 100 count pak.
100 Ct Popcorn Scoop Boxes
Price $24.95

Easy-to-fill buckets with fresh popcorn design. Available in 32, 46, 85 and 130 ounce sizes. 32 and 46 ounce sizes come in 100 count paks and the 85 and 130 ounce sizes come in 50 count paks.
Popcorn Buckets
Price $34.95

Stainless steel popcorn scoop. Fill buckets and bags quickly. Left or right hand operation. Top opening is 5", bottom opening is 2 1/4", 7" Tall, and 1 3/4" Deep.
Stainless Steel Popcorn Scoop
Price $19.95

Smaller version of our original scoop. Great for use in our smaller popcorn machines. Fill buckets and bags quickly. Left or right hand operation.Top opening is 3 1/2", bottom opening is 2 1/4", 5 1/2" Tall and 1 3/4" Deep.
Stainless Steel Small Popcorn Scoop
Price $14.95

Everything you need to bring your kettle back to its original condition. Kit will last through 3-4 cleanings.
Kettle Cleaning Kit
Price $39.95

Easily softens and dissolves carbon build up on popcorn kettles and other cooking surfaces. Should not be used on painted enamel, plexiglass or plastic surfaces.
Carbon Off Cleaner
Price $21.95

Lighted popcorn sign attracts customers and increases popcorn sales. It also makes an attractive display for the home game room. 13"H x 24"W.
LED Lighted Popcorn Sign
Price $139.95

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