Pool Table Felt Buyers Guide

Which pool table felt should you buy? Knowing how to choose pool table felt involves knowing several things about your pool table and what you expect out of it. Pool table felt is more correctly known as pool table cloth or billiard cloth and is manufactured in two basic styles.

Woolen napped felt is the most commonly found cloth on home and recreation pool tables. Woolen cloths are less expensive, provide good durability and come in several weights from 18 to 24 ounces. Generally the heavier the weight of these billiard cloths the longer they will last, but at the price of slower ball speed and game play. Pool table cloths are becoming more and more available with Teflon treatment for extra protection against stains and spills. Woolen napped cloth’s weakness is that they loss fibers in fuzzy pills that form from play, require more brushing and maintenance, are slower play and can form ball tracks and gullies affecting ball tracking and precision. These conventional felt like cloths trap dirt and chalk more within the fibers and wear quicker. They are inexpensive and work well for home pool tables and other non-professional tables. Backed napped cloth is used almost entirely on coin operated pool tables because of it’s extra durability but game play is much slower and is not recommended for home or professional tables.

The other common style of billiard cloth is worsted or woven cloth. These are more expensive to manufacture but produce the flattest, fastest and longest lasting playing surface. Worsted cloths are made up of twisted strands of wool and nylon fiber that are then woven into a very smooth material that provides the most accurate and consistent play surface. These tightly woven fibers naturally resist dirt, chalk and spills so the cloth last longer. Because of this, worsted cloth is not normally Teflon treated nor are they recommended to be. Woven cloth such as Simonis and Velocity Pro are perfect for avid pool players wanting game play similar to professional tournament play.

Most all pool table felt is available in many colors and sizes. For lower price and best value, we recommend Proline Classic pool table felt for most home and recreational pool tables. If you are concerned over spills and stains or kids are involved, our Proline Classic Cloth with Teflon treatment is a good choice. For the best professional grade worsted cloth we recommend Simonis Cloth. If price matters, Velocity Pro Cloth is a good lower priced alternative.