Pool Table and Billiard Accessory Maintenance and Replacement

With the Christmas Holidays behind us, we know that many families have enjoyed playing billiards on their new pool table and game tables. Pool tables have long been the center piece of most commercial and home game rooms. Billiards appeals to almost any person in any age group and can provide the most long term enjoyment of any piece of game room equipment.

While problems with new pool tables probably have not surfaced yet at this early stage in the table’s life, the pool playing accessories almost immediately show signs of wear. These billiard accessories receive the greatest and hardest use and must be maintained, inspected and replaced as the need arises. There is a direct correlation between the quality and condition of the pool table playing accessories and the amount of satisfaction received from its game play.

Pool cues are the most essential accessories in the game of pool and require the most attention to their condition. With hit after hit between the cue stick and the pool balls, cue tips wear down or break off, cue ferrules break or crack and cue shafts become dirty, rough and no longer easily slide within the players hand while shooting. These hard cue to ball strikes require close attention to the condition of your pool cue. We carry a complete line of pool cue accessories including cue tips, cue tip tools, cue shaft products and more. Each is designed to make maintaining a cue fun and easy to perform.

Not only do pool cues require attention but all pool playing accessories including pool balls and ball racks should be inspected for chips, breaks and wear. As time passes, pool table maintenance will become more important. In particular, pool table felt becomes dirty from dust, cue chalk, dirt and oil that is transferred from balls and players hands. This dirt creates rapid wear on the felt cloth and all tables should be regularly brushed, spots cleaned and a pool table cover used between use to reduce this to a minimal. Felt replacement is required when these cloth maintenance procedures no long restore the cloth to its proper appearance and playing quality. As billiard tables age even more, pool table pockets show signs of wear and other table parts need to be replaced.

Proper and regular maintenance of your pool table and playing accessories will guarantee you quality and enjoyable playing performance while extending the life of your table and playing accessories.