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Klopp KK Combination Electric and Manual Coin Counter

Klopp KK combination coin counters for sale that allows both manual hand crank and electric counting of your coins and tokens with one machine. Get the benefits of a portable coin counter with the fast counting capability of an electric coin counter. Take these combination coin counters anywhere without fear of an electrical hook up because they feature a backup manual hand crank handle also.
klopp KK combination manual and electric coin counter The Model KK (KLOPP Konvertible) is both manual and electric. It is easy to convert if the electric power goes off, or if none is available. It counts, wraps and bags dollars, quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies, and tokens one denomination at a time. It's portable, and has the same operating features as the Model CE. It does not sort. You can switch from electric to manual (hand crank) operations in seconds. Simply remove the hand crank from its' storage location, insert it in the side of the counter housing, and you're ready to count. The hand crank is super easy to turn because KLOPP's exclusive Pfraylea BearingT design eliminates all motor and motor belt drag when operating manually. KLOPP's positive lockout system prevents electric coin counting operation while the hand crank is inserted in the counter. Includes (3) nylon wrapping tubes (.25, .10, .05). Optional bagger attachment for counting into a bag is available below.
Klopp Model KK Combination Electric & Manual Counter Wrapper & Bagger
Price $1,599.00 with free shipping and handling within the 48 states.

Extra Klopp Coin Wrapping and Packaging Tubes

klopp coin wrapping tubes Replacement wrapping tubes for Klopp coin counters. Uses crimped or flat style wrapping tubes.
Klopp Quarter Wrapping Tube
Price $29.95
Klopp Dime Wrapping Tube
Price $29.95
Klopp Nickel Wrapping Tube
Price $29.95
Klopp Penny Wrapping Tube
Price $29.95
klopp universal bag tube attachment and ring Universal bag tube attachement and ring used with cloth coin bags to count bulk coins.
Klopp universal Bag Tube Attachment and Ring
Price $49.95

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