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Klopp CM Manual Coin Counter

Klopp CM Manual Coin Counter Machines for sale that provide portable hand cranked counting and packaging of your coins and tokens. Because no electricity is needed, you can easily store, transport and count with these machines anywhere. They can count coins and tokens continuously for bagging or they can batch count and package coins in tubes. These manual coin counters are perfect for vending routes, amusement game routes and businesses with multiple locations that need to count and package coins and tokens.
klopp CM manual coin counting machine The Klopp Model CM coin counter counts, wraps and bags dollars, quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies and tokens one denomination at a time. Attention car wash owners, the CM and CE coin counters are some of the only coin counters in the industry that will count wet coins. Because these coin counters use two drive wheels on both the top and bottom of the coin these coin counters can do the impossible. Count wet coins. These coin counters do not sort. Pour a large quantity of presorted same denomination coins into the tray. Set the controls and insert a bank wrapper into the wrapping tube at the front of the CM coin counter. Turn the crank, and in four seconds the wrapper is filled with the proper number of coins and the coin flow stops. Repeat the process until all coins are counted and wrapped. The CM coin counter will also count and bag coins instead of wrapping them. The reset table meter will tell you the number of coins that have been counted. Available in 4 models. CM $1 / 1" TOKEN down through DIME in diameter, CM-18 1 1/8" TOKEN down through NICKEL in diameter (no dime or penny), CM-C1 CANADIAN $1 / 1" TOKEN down through DIME in diameter and CM-C2 CANADIAN $2, $1, 25, 5 in diameter (no dime or penny). Select below. Includes (3) nylon wrapping tubes (.25, .10, .05). Optional bagger attachment for counting into a bag is available below. Features: Cast aluminum and hardened steel construction. Polished aluminum and textured powder coating finish. Coin Tray - Folds to protect the controls from dirt or damage when not in use. The balanced handle attached to the tray makes it easy to carry or store the counter. Coin Stops - 20, 25, 40, 50 coins/tokens for wrapping, plus 'C' for continuous flow into a bag. Five (5) digit reset meter. Wrapping Tubes - Color Coded 25, 10, 5 cent. Counts - 1,800 coins per minute or can fill a bank wrapper in 4 seconds. Hinged coin tray holds approximately 3000 coins. Denominations - Counts, wraps, or bags all U.S. $, 25, 10, 5, 1 cent coins plus .800, .882, .900, .984 and 1" tokens. Dimensions - W-10", H-12" , D-16" (Closed), D-21" (Open) Weight -14 lbs.
Klopp CM Manual Coin Counter, Wrapper & Bagger
Price $1,149.00 with free shipping and handling within the 48 states.

Extra Klopp Coin Wrapping and Packaging Tubes

klopp coin wrapping tubes Replacement wrapping tubes for Klopp coin counters. Uses crimped or flat style wrapping tubes.
Klopp Quarter Wrapping Tube
Price $29.95
Klopp Dime Wrapping Tube
Price $29.95
Klopp Nickel Wrapping Tube
Price $29.95
Klopp Penny Wrapping Tube
Price $29.95
klopp universal bag tube attachment and ring Universal bag tube attachement and ring used with cloth coin bags to count bulk coins.
Klopp universal Bag Tube Attachment and Ring
Price $49.95

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