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Kiddie Rides
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Coin operated kiddie rides for sale including a complete line of new and used kids amusement rides and kiddie ride parts. Coin operated kiddie rides are one of the best and most consistent money-making amusement machines in the arcade for younger aged children. For almost 100 years children have enjoyed the thrill of riding these horse, train and car rides. Kids from 2 to 10 years old, enjoy the continuous motion, bright flashing lights and realistic sound effects that modern kiddie rides can create. Because there are so few amusement devices being made specifically for young children, kiddie rides are becoming more and more important to have in business locations that entertain kids.

Don't under estimate the value of using kiddie rides to entertain children at home, in dentist and doctors offices, gyms, malls, schools, etc. All of these rides can be placed on free play for coin less operation. Our new kiddie rides include the quality line of Falgas rides available in a large variety of different styles and kids favorites including cars, fire trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, trains and more. Falgas even has several new interactive rides that combine the skill of games with the fun of motion rides. All Falgas rides are brightly colored, have attractive lighting effects and attention getting sounds to provide the best in childrens rides. Be sure to checkout our large inventory of used kiddie rides, including completely refurbished rides and very good condition used rides at low prices. Our selection of kiddie ride parts include many of the most often requested replacement parts including control boxes, coin mechanism, timer control units and sound boards.

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