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Kiddie Ride Sound Board Boxes

Replacement Kiddie Ride Sound Board Boxes for sale featuring many different sound effects. These kids ride sound boxes feature a start up safety message to parents and then play a continous loop of sounds suitable for car, airplane, boat, horse, fire engine, helicopter and many other kiddie rides. Each sound unit also has two extra sound effects that can be activated with a push button switch so riders can control these sounds. Some of our sound boxes contain built in timer units to control the timing of the ride. Others are able to play continous loops of 4 different sounds so that every 4 uses of the ride has a different main sound. Each features 110VAC operation and has a rust free plastic case and 3 watt speaker built in.

kiddie ride sound box part This EM2001A kiddie ride sound board plays a continuous sound loop when powered. It is usually controlled by an external timer device such as the one above, which also controls the ride motor. In this case, the sound will be played for as long as the ride motor is running.

Features include:

* Superior sound quality
* Plays a safety message when the ride starts
* One main sound + two fire button sounds
* 2W audio output with built-in volume control
* Plug-in screw terminal for quick installation
* 110VAC operation
* Interchangeable sound chips
* Extensive music library. Choose from those below.
* Compact, rust free plastic case with 3W speaker inside.
* Dimension: 6.5" x 4.5" x 2.0".
* Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

Kiddie Ride Sound Box
Price $199.95

Kiddie Ride Sound Box With Built In Timer EM2021D sound box has the same features as the sound box above plus the following:

Built-In timer from 45 to 120 seconds per play
Heavy duty 10 amp output for ride motor
Accepts 1 to 4 coins per play
Verbal reminder when more coins are needed
Coin meter pulse output for revenue tracking
Includes main loop with two fire buttons
May also include attract, prelude and finale sounds
Easy configuration with DIP switches

Kiddie Ride Sound Box With Built In Timer Control
Price $239.95


Kiddie Ride Sound Box With 4 Sound Loops and Built In Timer EM2021D-4 sound box with four sound loops and timer. Has the same features as the sound box above except it has four different sound loops instead of one. These four sound loops are used in rotation, one per play. Sound #1 is played the first time the ride is used, sound #2 is used the second time, sound #3 is used the next time and so forth.

Kiddie Ride Sound Box With 4 Sound Loops and Built In Timer
Price $269.95


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