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Great American Home Pool Tables

Great American pool tables for sale are now available in a commercial quality home pool table made especially for the family game room. These non-coin operated pool tables look and play just like the bar style billiard tables found in lounges and taverns. They are constructed with the same materials and have the same features as Great American's commercial pool tables but do not have coin operation. They are ideal for pool players who want a table at home that looks and plays just like the ones they play on at their local watering hole. These pool tables are also ideal for larger organizations with heavy usage such as youth centers, community centers, boys and girls clubs or business employee break rooms. These tables feature a one piece slate and come completely assembled with the exception of bolting on the legs.

These commercial pool tables are built just like their coin operated counter parts and feature plywood construction cabinets, 3/4 inch one piece slate, heavy duty legs with large 5" diameter aluminum leg leveler feet, aluminum trim, cabinet miters and chromed top apron corner panels. Quality K-66 rubber cushions and cloth backed pool table felt provide consistent and long lasting action. Each table can be ordered with custom color cloth and are available in 6 to 9 foot sizes.

Prices below are MAP. Call us at 985-845-7146 to get your special low price and a shipping quote to your area.

eagle home pool table

Eagle Home Pool Table

Mahogany Finish & Green Cloth

600HE 6 foot Eagle - $2,465.00 MAP
650HE 6 1/2 foot Eagle - $2,400.00 MAP
700HE 7 foot Eagle - $2,465.00 MAP
800HE 8 foot Eagle - $2,625.00 MAP
900HE 9 foot Eagle - $3,645.00 MAP

legacy home pool table

Legacy Home Pool Table

Black Finish & Electric Blue Cloth

600HL 6 foot Legacy - $2,540.00 MAP
650HL 6 1/2 foot - $2,475.00 MAP
700HL 7 foot Legacy - $2,540.00 MAP
800HL 8 foot Legacy - $2,700.00 MAP
900HL 9 foot Legacy - $3,720.00 MAP

monarch home pool table

Monarch Home Pool Table

Light Oak Finish & Green Cloth

600HM 6 foot Monarch - $2,540.00 MAP
650HM 6 1/2 foot Monarch - $2,475.00 MAP
700HM 7 foot Monarch - $2,540.00 MAP
800HM 8 foot Monarch - $2,700.00 MAP
900HM 9 foot Monarch - $3,720.00 MAP

neonlite home pool table

Neonlites Home Pool Table

Black Finish/Molding - Corners/Balls Glow Under Black Light

600HN 6 foot Neon - $3,255.00 MAP
650HN 6 1/2 foot Neon - $3,180.00 MAP
700HN 7 foot Neon - $3,255.00 MAP
800HN 8 foot Neon - $3,405.00 MAP
900HN 9 foot Neon - $4,425.00 MAP

kiddie home pool table

Eagle Home Kiddie Pool Table

Designed For Younger Players

Cabinet Is Made Out Of 100% Plywood
Imported Original Italian Slate
Overall size 45" x 77" x 26", 620 lbs.
Price $2,775.00 MAP

commercial home bumper pool table

Commercial Quality Home Bumper Pool Table

Regulation Full Size 32" x 48" x 3/4" Slate
Imported Original Italian Slate
Quality Cabinet Grade Plywood Construction
Overall size 41.5" W x 57.5" L x 34" H 350 lbs.
Price $1,835.00 MAP

Features of Great American Home Pool Tables

  • Cabinet grade 3/4 inch plywood construction on table sides and bottom!
  • Unitized composite trouble free and fast ball return assembly!
  • A.B.S. injected legs, Special dome shakeproof washers!
  • Each pool table operates with a magnetic 2 1/4 or 2 3/8 inch oversized cue ball!
  • Hinged and locked hatch under table for leg storage and clean out!
  • Dual steel slate supports provide reliable flat level playing surface
  • Superior selection popular wood top frame and rails for best cushion play action!
  • Rails and slate are covered with a 21 oz cloth!
  • Each are crafted with the finest imported original Italian slate!
  • Non Coin-Operated. Free Play for the home game room!
  • Shipped in one piece. Just bolt on legs! Call us at 985-845-7146 to get a shipping quote and to place an order.





600 45" X 77" 32" X 64" 620#
650 49" X 85" 36" X 72" 650#
700 53" X 93" 40" X 80" 710#
800 57.5" X 101.5" 44" X 88" 820#
900 64" X 114" 50.5" X 100.5" 1100#

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