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Golden Tee Golf 2013 & Silver Strike Bowling 2009 Combo Video Game Machine

Golden Tee Golf 2013 and Silver Strike Bowling 2009 combo arcade game combines both games into one game cabinet. Either one of these great sports arcade games can be selected and played from the same game machine. These combo games can be ordered with coin operation for business establishments or non-coin operated for home game room use. Golden Tee Golf 2013 is the offline version of the most successful golf game in history. With the same exciting golf courses and cutting edge graphics as GT LIVE, 2013 has calmer winds, easier drop spots and gentler slopes on greens for easier putting. Silver Strike Bowling 2009 continues to be a favorite video arcade bowling game for all players. SSB 2009 is a off line video game that offers players a life-like competitive experience and straightforward trackball control. This realistic ten-pin bowler video game has attracted a group of players numbering nearly 5 million in over 12,000 bars and restaurants worldwide since it was first introduced in 2004.
golden tee golf 2012 and silver strike bowling 2009 combo arcade game Golden Tee Golf 2012/Silver Strike Bowling combo game is available in any of the cabinets above. Shown from left to right is the FunGlo Blue Pedestal, next is the FunGlo Green Pedestal shown with optional monitor and monitor stand, next is the 26" LCD upright cabinet, next is the 32" upright cabinet and finally the showcase cabinet. The FunGlo pedestal cabinets have become the favorite with game operators and home owners alike. This innovative new pedestal design features fluorescent plexiglas for an out of this world look! It literally glows! It even has ground effect lighting! Many choose to use their existing TV monitor to hook up to the game cabinet or you can purchase the optional monitor and monitor mount for a complete free standing unit. Funglo pedestal cabinet is $6,295.00 plus shipping and handling. Bill acceptor, monitor and monitor mount are optional. ICT bill acceptor is $225.00 extra. Monitor mount is $425.00. 26" LCD monitor upright cabinet model is $6,695.00 plus shipping and handling, 32" LCD upright cabinet is $6,995.00 plus shipping and handling. ICT bill acceptor is $225.00 extra.

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