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Foosball Tables Foosball Parts & Accessories

Foosball Table Cleaning, Lubricating, Maintenance and Care

How do you care for a foosball table? Proper foosball table cleaning and lubricating maintenance can greatly extend the life of a foosball table as well as the enjoyment of playing foosball. Good maintenance starts with cleaning the foosball table with a good cleaner. Clean the inside and outside of the table with a mild detergent and water or a mix of alcohol and water with a soft cloth rag to remove dirt, grease and grime. Be careful not to get the play field too wet or you can damage it. Use just a damp cloth. For really dirty play field and rods, We like to use CP100 pinball play field cleaner to dissolve old dried oil and lubricant. Use a clean rag dampened with the CP100 cleaner everywhere there is left over grease and dirt. Use of a foosball table cover when the table is not in use can protect the table from dust and moisture and is a recommended accessory.

Wipe the old lubricant and dirt off the rods on a regular schedule and re-lubricate with a silicone base foosball rod oil. You can use CP100 degreaser to aid in the removal of this dried dirt and grease. Then use a light coat of silicone base foosball rod lubricant when re oiling the rods. You can use a spray or a bottle silicone lubricant but do not get lubricant on the play field, balls or handles. We like to saturate a clean cloth with this oil and oil each rod end from this cloth. Add lubricant to the cloth as needed. Also remember to wipe lubricant on the inside spaces of the rod between the men to keep them shiny and rust free.

Now is the time to clean each ball. We use a detergent and brush to scrub these balls. On tornado and other rough surfaced balls, try not to scrub so harshly as to remove this surface as it can make the balls too slippery. Some people prefer to tie the balls inside a sock or cloth sack and run them through a cycle in the washing machine. Wash them with whites so they won't change colors. Use which ever way you prefer and let them air dry. Replace any damaged or bad balls.

Foosball handles should not be coated with anything and left natural. Just clean with a damp cloth with detergent and water and let dry as you did the play field. Check for damaged or loose men, bumpers, handles and stops and replace or tighten as required. Keeping everything tight and in place will ensure hard hitting and accurate play.

foosball table maintenance kit Foosball maintainence kit contains everything needed to clean and lubricate your foosball table. Includes bottle of CP 100 playfield cleaner polish, mill wipes cheese cloth cleaning cloths, and bottle of silicone lubricant.
Foosball Maintenance Kit
Price $29.95


foosball playfield cleaner CP-100 pinball playfield cleaner works well to help clean the dirtiest foosball playfields and is especially good at removing dried dirt and grease from playfields and rods. 8 ounce bottle.
CP 100 Playfield Cleaner
Price $9.95


foosball table cleaning wipes Mill Wipes are the perfect companion for cleaners and lubricants. These premium quality 4-ply, high thread count cotton cheesecloth patches are conveniently cut to a comfortable working size of 3 x 3 inches with folded edges for low linting. They come packaged 200 wipes in a reclosable plastic bag and are there when you need them.
Mill Wipes Cheesecloth Patches
Price $14.95


foosball table polishing cloth Microfiber cleaning and polishing cloths work great with any cleaners and polishes sold above. These cloths are designed to lift and clean dust from surfaces without scratching.
Microfiber Cleaning and Polishing Cloth
Price $1.95


superlube Super Lube is a multi-purpose synthetic oil with Syncolon. This is a dielectric, food grade and clean oil for lubricating all types of parts and machinery. Perfect for foosball, bubble hockey, pinball, arcade and other equipment. Includes precision application tip and pocket clip.

Super Lube Oil
Price $4.95


foosball rod silicone lubricant 2 oz bottle of silicone oil. Either work a drop or two into each bearing wall or better yet, saturate a clean cloth with the oil and wipe your table rods down with it to clean and re-oil them. A little goes a long way.
Bottle of Silicone Rod Lubricant
Price $9.95


silicone spray lubricant Silicone spray lubricant is a deep penetrating high grade silicone lubricant that reduces friction on rubber, plastic, and metal parts. Great for foosball rods and bearings. 10 ounce can.
Silicone Spray Lubricant
Price $14.95


foosball table cover Black universal foosball table cover. Fits most tables and has side rod cut outs for a custom fit. Measures 30" wide x 55" long.
Black Vinyl Foosball Table Cover
Price $19.95


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