Fall Weather Means It’s Time For College Logo Billiard Cloth

college logo billiard cloth

With Fall weather blowing in and the temperatures dropping, everyone is thinking about tailgating parties and college football. But now is the time to think about your college theme home game room as well. Just about everyone has a favorite college team and these days you can find college game room accessories of all kinds with your favorite college team logo attached to it. Many Man Caves, garages and home game rooms are being converted to have a college theme.

This is also the time of year when everyone is preparing their pool table for a long winter of billiard playing. Having a pool table recovered or re-felted is the best thing you can do to improve the appearance and playing qualities of a pool table. There are all kinds and colors of pool table felt available out there, but did you know that you can get a college logo pool table felt that will customize your pool table into the most impressive looking college theme accessory for your game room?

This college felt features your favorite team logos and allows you to really show your college team spirit and dress up your pool table and game room. And now you don’t have to settle for just a decal stuck in the middle of the play surface to interfere with your game of pool. Most of these college felts are quality woolen nap or worsted felt that is smooth and free from obstructions. Most college logo pool table felts use special screen-printing to produce crisp, sharp and vibrant college logos against the rich cloth color.

For those fans that prefer to have a pool table cloth without the logo but still want the college theme effect, two-tone color pool table felt is available where the bed and rails have contrasting colors of the college university. So now is the time get that pool table ready for winter playing season and add a little more color and spirit to your home game room.