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Crosley Jukeboxes

crosley cr1206a-wa jukebox

Crosley CR1206A-WA
iJuke Jukebox

crosley cr1208a jukebox

Crosley CR1208A-A Slimline
CD Full Size 1015 Jukebox

crosley mini table top jukeboxes

Crosley Mini
Table Top Jukeboxes

crosley cr1207a rocket jukebox

Crosley CR1207A Rocket
CD Jukebox

crosley cr1210a-bk rocket 45 vinyl jukebox

Crosley CR1210A-BK Rocket
45 Vinyl Jukebox

Crosley Jukeboxes in many styles on sale that provide low cost musical entertainment at home for your entire family. Crosley has a complete line of bubbler jukeboxes including full size, 2/3 size and table top size models. With its real wood cabinet, ever changing colored lights and bubbling tubes, the full size CR 1203A Bubbler jukebox looks and plays better than the original model from the 1940's. For those music lovers on a real budget, be sure to check out the table top bubbler style jukeboxes. They have a iPod docking station to play all of your favorite iTunes music as well as a built-in CD player. These miniature jukeboxes have the same flashy styling of full size bubbler jukeboxes including lights and bubbling tubes.

All of these great Crosley jukeboxes have the nostaglic bubbler jukebox good looks that will turn any area in the house into their favorite music room. Crosley's line up are the most economical of all the round top reproduction vintage style jukeboxes available and with many models to choose from, everyone will be able to find a model that will satisfy their needs at a price they can afford.

As a Crosley Gold Seal Dealer, we are able to pass on very valuable benefit by purchasing from us. Our customers warranty is automatically extended to 1 full year with no return shipping charges on a item that needs to be returned to the factory for servicing under warranty coverage provided the customer properly registers the warranty, retains the packing box and material and prepares the item for safe shipment. Another outstanding reason to purchase from us.

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