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Plush Toy Mixes for Skill Crane Claw Machines

Plush toys for skill crane claw machines for sale. Large assortment of plush toy and animal mixes in several sizes. We have plush animals sized for both standard and jumbo size crane machines. Keeping a fresh and different assortment of plush toys in your claw machine is important to the successful operation of your machine. Keep in mind that these crane machines are actually vending machines and that proper maintenance is a must for maximum revenues. Be sure to keep the machines filled with different and quality plush. Larger toys that are rotated often encourage repeat play much better than small economy priced toys. Most crane machine players are adults and the toys must appeal to them. Cute and different plush toys that you don't normally find in other places is important to keep interest up. Be sure that you do not pack the plush in tight and fluff up all the animals each time you service the claw machine. Arrange each toy animal with their eyes facing forward in a neat fashion with the back ones being higher and sloping down to the lower front ones. Diplay the toys as if the machine is a show room window and watch people stop and say, "look how cute that is. I have to try and win that."

premium claw machine plush toy mix Our premium wholesale mix of plush toys and stuffed animals for claw machines is extremely popular. Sizes ranging from 8" to 11".

72 Count Box Premium Standard Crane Plush Toys
Price $185.00 with free shipping and handling within the 48 states.


Our deluxe jumbo assortment is our most popular jumbo toy animal mix. Perfect mix for jumbo size cranes. Size range from 9" to 13".

72 Count Box Deluxe Jumbo Claw Machine Animals
Price $210.00 with free shipping and handling within the 48 states.


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