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Coin Operated Shuffleboard Tables

Coin operated shuffleboard tables including commerical quality shuffleboards for businesses and locations needing a heavy duty game table. Our coin op shuffleboards are designed to hold up to heavy commercial use. These commercial shuffleboard tables are designed for coin op use in bars, pubs and other business locations. Each is built to exacting specifications right here in the USA and are carefully crafted, assembled and thoroughly inspected before it is packed for shipping. The playfields are manufactured from traditional Hard Rock Maple which ensures consistent and even puck movement. They are then finished using a high tech UV finish, originally introduced to the hardwood flooring industry. This finish is thin and extremely durable and allows the player to play and enjoy the wood of the shuffleboard table, not just the finish. Each table cabinet is made from both solid wood and high pressure laminates. Each playfield is outfitted with climatic adjusters to keep it performing to high standards throughout the seasons and years of play.

Nine and twelve foot coin op shuffleboard game tables come with two legs, fourteen and sixteen foot tables come with three legs, eighteen, twenty, and twenty-two foot tables come with five legs for extra support. All Venture coin operated tables come with playing accessories including complete set of weights, powder wax, silicone spray, liquid wax and cleaner polish. Venture has a 1 year warranty against any manufacturers defects on the playfield and cabinet.

Venture Classic Coin Operated Shuffleboard Table

venture classic coin operated shuffleboard table The Classic Coin shuffleboard table by Venture is patterned after the coin operated classic tavern shuffleboard. You can rely on it's rugged construction and enjoy a lifetime of fun and competitive play. 22' table shown.

Available in 12, 14, 16, 18 20 and 22 foot sizes. These Classic Coin shuffleboard tables are also available in non-coin operation.

Overall Dimensions

12' Venture Classic Coin Operated Shuffleboard Table -MAP- $5,995.00 - Call for your best price - 12'L x 31.75"W x 32"H 650 lbs.
14' Venture Classic Coin Operated Shuffleboard Table -MAP- $6,095.00 - Call for your best price - 14'L x 31.75"W x 32"H 700 lbs.
16' Venture Classic Coin Operated Shuffleboard Table -MAP- $6,275.00 - Call for your best price - 16'L x 31.75"W x 32"H 750 lbs.
18' Venture Classic Coin Operated Shuffleboard Table -MAP- $6,695.00 - Call for your best price - 18'L x 31.75"W x 32"H 900 lbs.
20' Venture Classic Coin Operated Shuffleboard Table -MAP- $6,995.00 - Call for your best price - 20'L x 31.75"W x 32"H 900 lbs.
22' Venture Classic Coin Operated Shuffleboard Table -MAP- $7,050.00 - Call for your best price - 22'L x 31.75"W x 32"H 950 lbs.

Options include:

Triangle Scoring Unit $525.00

13" Score Unit $595.00

18" Score Unit $745.00

Light Kit $295.00

Bill Acceptor $350.00

Call us at (985)-845-7146 to get a shipping quote or to order one of these tables.

Summit Snapback Coin Operated Shuffleboard Table

coin operated summit snapback shuffleboard table The SUMMIT coin operated rebound shuffleboard table has all the features of the standard Summit table as well as a unique blocking system that blocks the bumper to prevent the players from continuing play once the playing time runs out.


* Unique coin or bill operated system.
* Easy for owner to change the standard prices and game times.
* Standard setting: US$1.50 for 15 minutes; Additional US$0.50 for another 5 minutes.
* High ROI: Can get all of your investment back in 3-6 months if you buy the SUMMIT model together with coin or bill op system and locate it in a place of business.
* Secure Meter reading system: The system displays the number of coins inserted into the coin box and the accumulated game time since the previous time the coin box was emptied.
* Can be ordered to accept either coins or bills. Not both.
* Dimensions are 7'L x 32"W x 48"H.

Summit Coin Or Bill Operated Snapback Shuffleboard Table MSRP - $4,700.00 - Call us for your best price.

Arachnid DiscGlo Shuffle Virtual Coin Operated Shuffleboard Game

discglo shuffle virtual shuffleboard game

Coin Operated DiscGlo Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard Game

Arachnid DiscGlo Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard Game
Price $3,995.00 plus shipping and handling. Optional marque upgrade is $200.00 & optional bill acceptor is $300.00. Call us at (985)-845-7146 for a free shipping quote or to order this game.

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