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Cash Cubes Inflatable Cash Cubes

Money Machine Booth - Cash Cubes

Money Machine and Cash Cube Booths on sale feature quality constructed hard body cabinets for commercial use. These original money booths allow players the chance to catch cash, fun money or coupons as it is blown around them in a whirlwind within the machine. These money machine booths are available in several models and styles and are ideal for promoting businesses, special events, grand openings, trade shows, sporting events, fund raisers, charities, casinos, car dealers and more.

mega cube money machine booth

Mega Cube Money Machine Booth

elite hollywood money machine

Elite Hollywood Money Machine Booth

hollywood cash cube machine

Hollywood Cash Cube Machine

traveler deluxe cash cube machine

Deluxe Traveler Cash Cube Machine

traveler cash cube

Traveler Cash Cube

party cash cube machine

Party Cash Cube

standard original cash cube machine

The Cash Cube

Deluxe Grabber Cash Cube

grabber cash cube

Grabber Cash Cube

table top cash cubes

Table Top Cash Cubes

one armed bandit cash cube

One Armed Bandit Cash Cube

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