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Carrom Signature Moroccan, Burr Oak, Agean Foosball Tables

Carrom foosball tables for sale. Included are the Carrom Signature Moroccan, Burr Oak and Agean foosball table. These foosball games are made in the USA by a company that has been building game tables since 1889. Carrom Signature foosball tables have the quality and value that customers demand. These tables are affordably-priced and can last for generations when well cared for.

Carrom Signature Foosball Tables

black carrom signature foosball table burr oak carrom signature foosball table wild cherry carrom signature foosball table
Cabinet is 1" Thick Covered in either Moroccan, Burr Oak or Wild Cherry Melamine Finish.
Heavy 2" Triple Chrome-Plated Leg Supports.
Playsurface is 3/8" Thick with Screedprinted Graphics Enamel Coated for Wear Resistance.
Cross Supports Underneath Playsurface Ensures Flatness.
Two Sets of Players - One Set of Counter-Balanced Players with Wider Tournament Style Foot Pattern and One Set of Handpainted Players.
One or Three Goalie Play - You Decide During Set Up.
Corner Ramps are Included for Single Goalie Assembly.
Wood Beaded Scoring in Blond and Black.
Ball Return is High Impact Plastic.
Legs are Heavy Miterfold Black Vinyl with Triple Chrome-Plated Leg Levelers for Easy and Accurate Leveling.
Eight-Sided Hardwood Handles Allow for Precise Player Control.
Rods are 5/8" Diameter Triple Chrome-Plated Hollow Steel.
New Rod Bearings Include a Single Row of 19 Balls Per Bearing for Durability and Performance.
Bearings are Precision Molded for Durability.
Dimensions: 55" Length, 29" Width, 50 5/16" Width with Longest Rod Protruding, 36" Height.
Weight: Approximately 180 Pounds.

Carrom Signature Foosball Table
Price $895.00 with free shipping and handling.

Carrom Standard Foosball Table

carrom burr oak foosball table carrom wild cherry foosball table
Heavy cabinet will not move during normal play, yet it is easy to move for cleaning or vacuuming.
Rods are heavy duty triple chrome plated to ensure long term smooth action and attractive looks.
Players are hand painted.
Rubber handles provide a sure, cushioned grip on the non-bending polished control rods.
Single Goalie - for the traditional foosball game; Three Player Goalie - for tournament style play.
Playfield is flat with corner inserts for the single goalie option to keep the ball in active play.
Playfield surface is sheet coated to ensure long term play and attractiveness.
Rubber leg boots help assure leveling and reduce table movement.
The bearings are pre-assembled into the cabinet for exactness and your convenience.
Access to a Toll Free technical and assembly help line.
Game assembly usually takes less than 2 hours. All necessary parts and complete instructions are included with the game for easy assembly.
Cabinet is 1" Thick and Covered in Burr Oak or Wild Cherry Melamine and Assembled Using a Steel to Steel Assembly Technique for Superior Cabinet Strength.
Playsurface is 3/8" Thick MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) with a .030" Thick High Pressure Laminate Playing Surface.
Graphics are Screen Printed Using Enamel for Wear Resistance.
Play Surface Flatness is Achieved by one Wooden Support Slat Underneath the Play Surface.
Game Legs are Miterfold Construction Covered with Black Vinyl and Legboots for Easy and Accurate Leveling.
Legs Attach Using (4) 3/8-16 Bolts.
Rods are Hollow 5/8" Diameter Triple Chrome Plated Steel.
Cushioned Rubber Handles Allow for Precise Player Control.
Ball Return is High Impact Plastic.
Games requires cabinet assembly.
Size When Completely Setup Length 54"; Width of Cabinet 28 3/4"; Width with Longest Rod Protruding from Cabinet 50 5/16"; Height 36".

Carrom Standard Foosball Table
Price $739.00 with free shipping and handling.

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