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Racing Arcade Games and Car Driving Machines

Racing arcade games and car driving arcade machines provide realistic simulated car racing action. These arcade driving machines are some of the best earning game machines in commercial arcades today. Choose from the latest and most exciting car racing arcade games to add to your own home game room, office or business. All can be set for free play and will provide years of racing excitement for your family and friends. These driving arcade games all feature large color monitors, steering wheel, gear shift, brake and clutch controls to faithfully simulated all the actions required of the driver to drive a car. All are available in deluxe sitdown cockpit versions with some also available in upright stand up cabinets. Most can be linked together to allow side by side racing fun.

Raw Thrills SuperCars unleashes 6 world class licensed Supercars onto a record breaking 27 tracks from all over the world to create the ultimate arcade street racing experience. Go head to head with up to 8 game linking. Now top it off with world class 1080p 42" HD LED graphics, force feedback steering, 3-D sound system, and a slick cockpit style cabinet. What you get is unmatched play appeal, depth, and longevity of income. With Raw Thills’ legendary reliability, you have a winning performer in any arcade for years to come.

Available as a 42" cabinet.

Specifications: 83 1/8"H x 42 1/2"W x 67 1/2"D

Shipping - Two Pieces - Main Cabinet - 84"H x 37"W x 43"D - 447 lbs, Seat Pedestal - 54"H x 31"W x 21"D - 98 lbs

Price $7,595.00 plus shipping and handling. To order or get a shipping quote call us at (985)-845-7146.

Link up to 2 cabinets for multiplayer action!
10 Batmobiles to choose from - Every Batmobile ever!
36 missions (Easy to Hard) plus aerial missions featuring "The Bat".
3 unique, cinematic boss battles.
Mission-based gameplay encourages continue play.
6 awesome power-ups (Jump Jet, Batarang, Cannon, Drone, Missiles, Battering Ram).
Player account system keeps track of missions progress/high scores.
Custom Batman-style steering wheel includes triggers for easy weapon launching.
Massive glowing Bat emblem towers above the location.
Custom Batman-shaped seat.
Over 500 color-shifting LED's.

Specifications: 94 5/8"H x 43 1/8"W x 69 3/4"D

Shipping - Two Pieces - Main Cabinet – 79"H x 44"W x 42"D - 465 lbs, Seat Pedestal - 62"H x 25 1/2"W x 34 1/2"D - 131 lbs

Price $7,895.00 plus shipping and handling. To order or get a shipping quote call us at (985)-845-7146.

Showdown is the ground-breaking new racing game from legendary arcade game publisher Sega and racing specialists Codemasters, the team behind 2010's hugely successful GRID arcade racing game. Showdown delivers arcade thrills and full contact racing in every event, each an electrifying festival of energy, speed and destruction that demands repeat play.

Features include:

42" LCD screen.
4 game modes.
Wreckage Radio.
Linkable up to 4 players.
Unlock more tracks and cars the more you play.

Watch screen video of Show Down Racer

Specifications: 71"D, 51"W, 81"H - 246kgs / 543lbs

Price $7,995.00 plus shipping and handling. To order or get a shipping quote call us at (985)-845-7146.

Redline GT Racing/Drivng Simulator more information. Full Immersion Racing Simulator for the home game room. Whether you want to bring home the arcade driving experience or hone your racing skills, this fully immersive racing simulator provides a dynamic gaming platform for your favorite PC and PlayStation 3 games.

Redline GT features a fully adjustable cockpit, including seat, steering wheel, control pedals and shifter adjustments. High power audio sound with high energy vibration transducer to feel replication of road rattles and bumps.

Made in the USA by the premier manufacturer of coin-operated games and cabinetry. Dimensions: 82" Long 35" Wide. 30" Wide without Flight Controls, 40" With Monitor.

U Tube video of Redline GT in action

Redline GT Driving/Racing Simulator Game Cockpit for the home game room.
Price $2,995.00 with free shipping and handling. To order call us at (985)-845-7146.

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