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Currency and Bill Counters

Currency and bill counters for sale that can stack and tell you the exact number of bills in a matter of seconds. This bill counting equipment saves lots of time when it comes to batch counting currency for businesses, churches, laundry mats and other organiztions that handle large quanities of paper money. They are very accurate and reliable and can take a large stack of paper money and almost instantly count them into neat 50, 100 or more batches ready for binding. Many of these bill counters are available with counterfeit detection that can screen each bill using ultraviolet (UV), magnetic detection or a combination of both. We have very affordable models available so no business or organization should ever have to do without one and we also carry a large line of bank grade currency counters that are designed to handle large volumes of bills that these and similar organizations require. These counters will save valuable time and pay for themselves in no time.
like systems LC-20 currency counter sorter

Like Systems LC-20 Currency Counter Sorter

semacon bill counters

Semacon Bill Counters

bank grade currency counters

Bank Grade Currency Counters

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