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Air Hockey Table Cleaner Polish

Wildcat 125 is a special Air Hockey Table Cleaner and Polish made to protect and speed up game play. This easy to use cleaner/wax will restore old worn and slow playing air hockey playfields so that it will play as it was intended.

How To Clean & Polish An Air Hockey Table

wildcat 125 air hockey top cleaner polish Wildcat No 125 playfield cleaner polish cleans, protects and speeds up air hockey game top. Does not contain water that could harm your playfield and provides superb results on air hockey tops when used as directed. 16 Ounce bottle.

Wildcat 125 Air Hockey Table Cleaner Polish
Price $16.95


air hockey cleaner polish & cloth Wildcat No 125 playfield cleaner polish and microfiber cloth combo. 16 Ounce bottle and cloth colors vary.
Wildcat 125 Air Hockey Table Cleaner Polish and Cloth Combo
Price $18.95


air hockey cleaner, silcone & cloth Wildcat No 125 playfield cleaner polish, can of spray silicone lubricant and microfiber cloth combo speed kit. 16 Ounce bottle of playfield cleaner, 10 oz can of silicone spray lubricant and cloth colors vary.
Air Hockey Speed Cleaning and Polishing Kit Combo
Price $29.95


silicone spray lubricant Silicone spray lubricant is a deep penetrating high grade silicone lubricant that reduces friction on rubber, plastic, and metal parts. Great for polishing the bottoms of the goalies and pucks and the top of tables with a soft cloth moistened with the silicone spray. Greatly speeds up play. 10 ounce can.
Silicone Spray Lubricant
Price $14.95


microfiber cloth Microfiber cleaning and polishing cloths work great with cleaners and polish to clean and polish air hockey table tops, pucks and pusher paddles.
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Price $1.95


naugahyde air hockey table cover Air Hockey Table Covers - Protect your air hockey when it is not being used with a quality table cover.

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