About Us

We are a small family owned business dedicated to quality products and customer service. We started business in 1961 with a single penny gumball machine. From this modest start and on through 1972 Lakeside Vending had increased the number of bulk vending machines to over 1500. These were placed in corner convenience stores, schools, filling stations, restaurants and anywhere a space could be found.

 In 1972 foosball came on the scene and Lakeside Vending started placing these games in bars, game rooms and other young adult hangouts. Our name was changed to Lakeside Electronics & Amusement Co. and the popularity of foosball enabled us to expand our business to over 50 coin-operated foosball tables. After getting this experience in coin-operated games and as our location clients began requesting other types of equipment, we expanded our route with more and more arcade and amusement games. Soon we were filling entire game rooms and campgrounds with games and our route expanded through the 1980’s with the popularity of video games like Asteriods and Pacman.

At the beginning of 1990, the opportunity to get involved in state-sponsored video poker gaming presented itself. At this time we got involved in distributing as well as operating video poker games and formed Lakeside Electronics & Amusement Co to accomplish this. During most of the 1990’s Lakeside Electronics & Amusement Co operated video poker games along with its route of amusement games and vending machines very profitably, but in 1996 a statewide referendum was voted on to stop gaming in the parishes of Louisiana that we were operating in. By 1999 we were required to cease all gaming activity.

In 1996 we started our company website www.moneymachines.com and began selling items that we had been using in our everyday amusement and vending business. Over the years our original Money Machines site has been expanded into over 15 separate sites selling coin-operated and home recreational games. Complete websites featuring billiard supplies and pinball parts have also been added.

We continue to look forward to the opportunities the internet provides and will strive to make internet shopping from our company websites both easy and enjoyable experiences for our customers.

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