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Arcade Game Machine Repair Tools

Arcade game machine tools for sale that help make fast and easy repairs on all arcade equipment. We carry many types of tools including multi meters, soldering irons, files, test leads, and many other specialized tools that every arcade game technician needs. Most of these hand tools require no special skills and can save time and money. Seemingly complicated jobs are made easier using these game tools. Using a multimeter and soldering iron is often necessary when making repairs to electrical components on arcade games and some skill is involved. These skills can be easily learned from instruction booklets, over the internet and by actual practice.

multi meter voltage meter tool Digital multimeter measures up to 600 volts, current up to 10 amps, resistance in ohms and checks continuity. Valuable tool for checking voltages and measuring resistance. Includes wire leads and instruction booklet. Batteries not included.
Digital Multimeter
Price $29.95

soldering iron tool 25 watt soldering iron features replaceable screw in tip. This soldering iron features a comfortable cool grip rubber handle and is light weight and compact to easily fit in a tool belt or tool box.
25 Watt Soldering Iron
Price $17.95

solder sucker Extra powerful solder sucker is lightweight and can be easily taken apart for cleaning.
Solder Sucker
Price $9.95

solder Lead free rosin core solder for electronic work.
Rosin Core Solder
Price $6.95

mill light bulb removal tool The Mill Bulb Tool uses precision formed and curved stainless steel tips, which are coated with a durable, cushy rubber material, allowing the operator to firmly, yet gently, grasp the bulb, permitting the lamp to be rapidly removed and replaced in tight spaces where fingers just can't reach. The Mill Bulb Tool works on a vast array of miniature style bulbs commonly used in pinballs, arcade & video games, vending machines and other coin-op equipment, automobiles, boats, airplanes and a multitude of electronic devices.
Mill Light Bulb Installation & Removal Tool
Price $19.95

lamp changing stick tool This handy tool makes taking out and changing 47 and 555 style bulbs fast and easy. Get into hard to reach areas with this handy tool.
Lamp Bulb Changing Stick Tool
Price $3.95

lamp socket cleaning stick This (3" x 5/16" diameter) rubberized abrasive lamp socket cleaning stick is great for cleaning out the inside of lamp sockets to shine up the connections within it.
Lamp Socket Cleaning Stick
Price $8.95

test lead wires This set contains 10 jumper leads with small alligator clips. Each lead is 14" long.
Set of 10 Test Leads
Price $9.95

metal contact file Metal file used to clean and burnish leaf switch contacts and points on older mechanical and early electronic pinballs and arcade games. 4 inches long.
Metal File
Price $9.95

contact burnishing tool Electrical contact burnisher tool cleans and polishes leaf switch electrical contacts and relay points on older mechanical and early electronic pinball machines and arcade games. Safely cleans platinum, gold, tungsten and silver points. 3 inches long, 1/4" wide.
Contact Burnishing Tool
Price $7.95

leaf switch adjusting tool Metal leaf switch and point adjusting tool. Angled tool has end slots at right angles to each other to allow easy adjusting of leaf switches and points anywhere.
Leaf Switch and Point Adjusting Tool
Price $12.95

Metal allen style pinball back box release wrench for Stern, Sega and Data East pinball machines.
Pinball Machine Back Box Allen Wrench
Price $8.95

file set 12 piece metal needle file set with poly handles. Made in China. Great for light, precision filing.
12 Piece Needle File Set
Price $12.95

staple lifter tool Mini Bar staple lifter provides two of the correct angles for removing staples, brads, small nails, pins and many other fastening devices. It is a minature pry bar that you will find invaluable for your tool box.
Mini Bar Staple Lifter Tool
Price $6.95

cleaning brushes Set of 3 cleaning brushes. One brass, one stainless steel and one nylon used to clean solder connections, connector pins and a whole host of other uses.
Set of 3 Cleaning Brushes
Price $7.50

microfiber cleaning cloth Microfiber cleaning and polishing cloths are indispensible around any project. No choice in color.
Microfiber Cleaning and Polishing Cloth
Price $1.50

super glue 2 gram tube of Instant Super Glue for instantly gluing broken playfield plastics and almost anything else.
Instant Super Glue
Price $1.95

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