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Steel Tip Darts and Dart Sets

Large selection of steel tip darts for sale in many styles and brands including Hammer Head, Viper, Target and others. These darts are designed for use on bristle boards and come in many different grips and weights. Starter or house darts are usually made with brass barrels that tend to be large in diameter in order to get the proper 20 - 30 gram weight. These dart sets are usually priced at $20 or less so anyone can afford them. Better quality tungsten darts are available in many more barrel choices and with many more styles of grips because of the heavier weight of tungsten steel. These smaller profile barrels allow lighter grip choices for throwers desiring this style of throwing and also allows closer dart groupings for higher scores. Darts are available in many weights the heavier ones tend to have more sticking power but can be more difficult to control consistently. Lighter ones can be easier to control but can have more bounce outs. The choice is up to the thrower and has to be found by trying different weights and barrel grips. Better quality sets can be purchased from $40 and up.
hammer head dart sets GT III Hammer Head Dart Sets - click here to see our complete line of Hammer Head No Bounce darts and accessories.
23-2728-28 blitz 28 gram steel tip dart set blitz dart These sleek tungsten darts slice through the air to the target like a fine precision instrument. Viper Blitz steel tip darts feature a cutting edge new Fuse Point technology. Fuse points form a fully integrated union between barrel and point, eliminating deflection caused by the lip or overhang found on most other steel tip dart barrels. Flights and shafts may vary. Includes deluxe hard case with extra flights, shafts and dart mechanic wrench. 28 grams.
Viper Blitz Tungsten 28 Gram Steel Tip Dart Set 23-2728-28
Price $71.19

23-3811-25 side winder dart set sinister dart The Viper Sinister 25 Gram Steel-Tip Dart features a thin body, ultra smooth 95% tungsten barrel. Precision machined for perfect balance. Comes with heavy duty 100 micron thick flights. Includes extra flights, shafts and dart wrench. 25 grams. Limited lifetime warranty.
Viper Sinister Steel Tip Dart Set 23-3811-25
Price $63.99

desperado dart set 23-1603-24 These sleek Desperado tungsten darts feature a slim barrel for tight groupings. Light Knurling gives a gentle grip for a controlled release. 80% tungsten, 3 aluminum shafts with locking hole, 6 fan tails, desperado case, lifetime barrel warranty. Flights and shafts may vary. 24 grams.
Viper Desperado Tungsten Steel Tip Dart Set 23-1603-24
Price $63.99

23-1903-23 bully dart set 23-1903-23 bully dart set Bully dart set by Viper features 80% tungsten, heavy knurling and lifetime barrel warranty. Includes deluxe hard case with extra flights, shafts and dart mechanic wrench. 23 grams.
Viper Bully Tungsten Steel Tip Dart Set 23-1903-23
Price $54.99

23-1701-23 v factor steel tip dart set Finally a dart with the "It" factor. 90% tungsten CNC machined slim barrels with 3 aluminum and 3 nylon shafts matched by Viper 150 flights. 23 grams.
Viper V Factor Tungsten Steel Tip Dart Set 23-1701-23
Price $59.19

elkadart razor dart set 23-3425-25 These 80% tungsten darts have a special groove pattern that allows extra grip in the direction of throw only, black grooves make an attractive design. 25 grams.
Elkadart Razor 25 Gram Dart Set 23-3425-25
Price $44.95

elkadart stealth dart set 22-0124-24 These alloy darts have a unique black texture coating and clean lines to make them look and feel like no other. 24 grams.
Elkadart Stealth 24 Gram Dart Set 22-0124-24
Price $24.95

elkadart orbital dart set 22-0722-22 These top quality alloy barrels have a bronze chrome finish that gives this dart a professional look. Features 3 bronzed chromed alloy barrels, 3 aluminum shafts, 3 custom 100 micron flights and slim case. 22 grams.
Elkadart Orbital 22 Gram Dart Set 22-0722-22
Price $24.95

casino royale dart set This brass barrel dart set features a slim heavy knurled barrel design and will give any player the golden opportunity to win big. 21 grams.
Casino Royale 21 Gram Dart Set
Price $14.95

black mariah dart set This black coated brass dart set features a slim heavy knurled barrel design and aluminum shafts that provides an exceptional look at a competitive price. 22 grams.
Black Mariah 22 Gram Dart Set
Price $19.95

elite brass dart set Viper Elite Brass steel tip dart set is precision crafted for center balance, features stylish hand painted grooves, steel tough tips, annodized shafts, metro flights and solid brass barrels. 23 grams
Viper Elite Brass Steel Tip Dart Set
Price $14.95

fat cat twin pack dart set fat cat twin pack dart set The perfect set to get get your dart games started is the Fat Cat Twin Pack 19 gram set. The centerpiece of each dart is the Tungzite barrel. Tungzite plated barrels are part of an alloy that lends this dart extraordinary strength and durability. The uniform machining process ensures that these darts fit an exacting standard of manufacture. Each barrel features two heavily knurled bands and deep hand painted rings. These features allow you grip to remain consistent on the barrel throw after throw. These darts feature durable nylon shafts and Polypro wide glide flights enable the dart to maintain a straight and true trajectory towards the dart board. 19 grams
Fat Cat Twin Pack Six Dart 19 gram Steel Tip Set
Price $17.95

fat cat one piece flight shaft set 26-7040 Open the pack and let the fun begin. The 12 colorful steel tip darts include a one piece flight/shaft, making them convenient and easy to use. 3 yellow, 3 blue, 3 red and 3 green darts.
Fat Cat One Piece Flight/Shaft Steel Tip Dart Set
Price $12.95

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